Our Monologues

“Our Monologues” is a production featuring the real stories of students at UC Berkeley.

The show centers the voices of femme, nonbinary, and students of color and their relationships to gender, race, sexuality, and other intersections of their identity. Our mission is to end gender-based violence and promote gender equity on our campus and in our world. All proceeds of the show go to organizations around the Bay Area that align with our values

Production Team 2019:

Rizza Estacio (she/her) is an aquarius that definitely thinks she’s better than you. She’s one of the producers of this year’s Our Monologues, and yes, you are welcome. Aside from “producer”, she also accepts President, Senator, and la Reina as acceptable titles. When she’s not producing the show, running the best co-op in the BSC, fighting for resources for students of color on this racist ass campus, or writing the best damn Sex on Tuesday your eye’s have ever seen, she’s studying to become a lawyer and make that shmoney cause #reparations. So sit back, enjoy the show, and turn off your mother fucking phones.

Catherine Straus (she/her) was born in Taiwan, then moved to Estonia, then moved to France, then moved back to Taiwan before she came to the US. Are you lost yet? In her spare time, Catherine likes to write stand up pieces she will never perform and call out people who like to compare their GPAs - or god forbid - their SAT and AP test scores from high school because not everyone had the same K-12 preparation and these discussions make many students believe they do not belong on campus.

Sarah Reeves (they/them) is from Brooklyn. They would leave it at that but… they are also a pisces, they are making their own major about power and privilege in education and other institutions, and they are very grateful for the opportunity to work with the most incredible people as a producer of this extraordinary show. Always listen to Rizza, especially when she says to turn off your mother fucking phones.

Jane Hood (she/her) was born, raised, and educated in Berkeley. One day, maybe she’ll consider leaving the Yay Area, but probably not because she’s thriving here. She is deeply grateful for her co-workers, cast, and community, for making this authentic and powerful piece of art. Jane wants to remind the white people here to shut up on social media and instead financially support POC/trans folks. Her wonderful family is here and can testify that Jane, in fact, hates mayo.

Community Members:

Media Sina (she/her) is Kurdish and proud, and has zig-zagged the world to end up here in Berkeley. When she’s not campaigning to be your ASUC Senator, she’s working hard to be the most badass chemical engineer there ever will be. If you see her on campus, say hey and make her day. If you fuck with her vision, join her campaign, vote, and make her day. She presents her whole heart to you with this show, and she challenges you to listen with an open mind and heart.

Namita (if you wanna know her middle name you can check the inside of her lower lip) Chandra (she/her) is from Massachusetts although she is often confused to be from SoCal. When she is not busy lamenting about how she used to work at an ice cream place that closed down (i*i), you can find her dancing in front of a mirror in one of her 5 pairs of crocs or eating lactose when she knows she shouldn’t be. To top it all off , yes it gets worse, she is a Leo.

Josephine Chiang (she/her)

Vaamaa Baldota (she/her) is a true South Indian. She is the biggest nerd you will ever come across. She’s a true sapiosexual. Talk Marx to her. The Capricorn in her loves anything well structured, but she is also all about dismantling oppressive structures. For an introvert, she is fiercely opinionated and will find a way to get whatever she wants. But she will also give everything she has to ensure the people she loves are happy.

Alyssa (she/her) is deeply appreciative of her production team, cast, crew, and community for sharing their time, energy and labor with her. Her piece is dedicated to her Mom, who she is sorry for "abandoning" by leaving the South for this ridiculously expensive out-of-state tuition "public" school. As a white and cis-gendered guest in a POC and Trans centered show, she is eternally grateful for this opportunity.

Shayna Mabanag (they/she) is double majoring in Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies, and minoring in Trader Joe's. A Pisces, they come from a family of water signs - yes a Scorpio mom and a Cancer dad and brother. If this bio sounds familiar, it's probably because you've read it on Tinder. Does Shayna need to say more? Their favorite color is glitter. Their favorite year is 2007. Their favorite scent is car tire. And their favorite food is photosynthesis, a vegan delicacy. Bone app the teeth!

Emily Fregoso (she/they) 

Marie Petrocelli (she/her) dedicates her piece to the silenced. May we learn to voice our thoughts, our hopes, our demands, and our love, unashamedly and without fear.

Jasmine Ureno-Diaz (she/her) AKA scorpio sun cancer moon queen AKA conniving vegan cunt is in love with the moon and all things nature. Her two-foot long hair holds the secrets of the universe. When she’s not doing work for the sexual violence commission, empowering womxn of color conference, leading crystal mediation sessions, or organizing the immigrant and refugee community, you can count on her to make you bomb lavender tea and drown you in positive affirmations. ^0^

Apoorva Arya (she/her) is a senior from India/UAE. Trying to low-key triple major in different kinds of economics, she struggles to find her own equilibrium (econ nerd joke), yet constantly tries to hold on to positive emotions amidst her routine semesterly roller-coaster of 21 units (yes technicals), a part-time job, extracurriculars and a (lack of!) social life. In her latest news, she is obsessed with her 2-month-old ukulele and chia seed pudding. She dedicates this piece to her parents and her sister, who are her literal everything; to radical self-love, and to her OurMons family.

Mykaela Barnes (she/her) is extremely grateful to be performing alongside the most inspiring people. When she isn't busy trying to memorize bird calls or searching for salamanders on campus, you can find her supporting Berkeley's feminist theater company, The Golden, and teaching the Criminal Psychology DeCal. She wants to dedicate her performance of platonic love to her best friends (*insert FRIENDS by The Carters*)

Mandy Beri (she/her) is a doer, and she takes on every hobby on the planet: parenting, coding, board games, baking, photography, makeup, corsetry, contra dancing, cycling, marathon running, the autoharp. She feels passion intensely, and when you don't find her in any of her 1001 commitments, that's because she is falling in love with her books on Social Welfare and Childhood Development. Mandy is a Slytherin and plans on dedicating her life to making the world better for the people she cares about.

Adetutu Sadiq (she/her) is from Nigeria - born and raised. She came to the united States to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley and that has been a truly transformative experience for her. Adetutu is still getting used to the American society. Sometimes, she just can't fathom some of the insensitivity that is perceived as normal here. However, she wants to know that you are amazing and that you will be fine because society doesn't tell us that enough. She believes in the strength and courage that you possess and hopes that you share your truth with the world. She is deeply grateful for friends who have been there for her during her down times and is excited to live life in purpose.

Juniperangelica Cordova's (she/her) second chosen name is Gia, taken from the 1998 movie, Gia. Gia Marie Carangi was one of the world's first supermodels out of New York City, existing as a wild, badass queer bitch who also took amazing photos. After becoming addicted to cocaine and being diagnosed with AIDS, she passed away, leaving a complicated but powerful legacy. Naming herself Gia, Juniperangelica is working to find her inner Gia, the loud, joy-seeking beauty... fighting against the world simply to live... to love... and to take really good photos.

Saral Patel (she/her)

Zahira Chaudry (she/her) is a fourth year studying Environmental Science and Society and Environment. She is a scientist, a photographer and creator. She is passionate about the intersections of climate change, environmental justice, art and media. She is doing this show for herself. Through her time at Cal, she has learned to be unapologetic with her voice and creative work. She honors the womxn of color in her life and hopes that this show provides a healing space for womxn of color and inspires them to tell their stories. She is slowly coming to terms with her lactose-intolerance.

Verity Pinter (she/her) is a gemini and it shows. When she's not seeking attention, she can be found interviewing preschoolers for her thesis or compulsively organizing and reorganizing the tea cabinets. She has loved being on crew for this show and yes, she does have an accent.

Elijah (he/him) is the only man in the show. He is a Momma's boy, and dedicates this piece to the women in his family. Elijah is a senior, who likes traveling, cat videos, and music from all over the world. Elijah is dating a hot lesbian, what is more manly than that? Elijah feels very lucky to be welcomed into the Our Monologues community, and be given the opportunity to share his story.

"The Nature of Power"

Our theme of this year's show is the "Nature of Power", which reflects how the individuals in our community have manifested strength and resilience throughout their lives. This theme highlights how the members of our community have channeled their energy to heal from trauma and experiences they face due the intersections of their gender, race, sexuality, and more. The members of our community are fully blooming, sharing their stories with you in an act of reclamation. The people in our show are the most powerful people on our campus and in this world, directing the energy from the universe to transform themselves into their most natural and whole forms.

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CARE LINE: 24/7 urgent support, 510-643-2005

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