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This year, the Gender Equity Resource Center is proud to present "Our Monologues", a play that centers the real stories of students on our campus. Our show is focused on experiences of gender inequality, prioritizing womxn and members of the LGBTQ+ community, especially those of color. 

Come to our info session to find out more about the show, audition dates, what pieces you should perform during your audition and any other information you would like to know! 

If you're ready to sign up for auditions, you can sign up here: https://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/mpsur

For disability related concerns, please visit access.berkeley.edu.


2018 Authenticity without Apology

This year marks the transition from The Vagina Monologues production to our own model of original monologues- this manifests itself in a double feature: first show is  The Vagina Monologues, second show is Our Monologues! Our theme this year is Authenticity without Apology. This means reconstructing and reclaiming our own identities through storytelling - making sure to stay true to who we are and what we believe in. Often we are asked to compromise parts of ourselves or else apologize for taking up space- not this time! We want to enable our community to express themselves fully and freely.

Production Team 2018

Rudy Brandt- Rudy is a second year american studies major concentrating in education and child development. She is minoring in Jewish Studies, Spanish, and (of course) Vaginas! This is her second year with V-Day at UC Berkeley and she is so honored to be working along side Sheen and the Gender Equity Resource Center to uplift the voices and stories of beautiful and powerful womxn. Rudy can be found sporting a sturdy pair of overalls and binge-watching The Office with a good bowl of popcorn. 

Sheen Kachen- Sheen is a second year political economy major with grad school in her dreams and the vagina monologues in her heart. This is her second year being apart of UC Berkeley’s V-Day organization, and she couldn’t be more excited to work with the wonderful folks at the Gender Equity Resource Center on helping to spread awareness about gender based violence. Sheen is a friendly creature who can often be found strumming guitar and listening to the sweet sounds of Terry Gross.

Line-Up 2018

The Vagina Monologues

Narrator- Ravneet Kaur 

Introduction - Alyssa Liu, Josie Lee, Aiyana Vang, Jane Hood

Hair - Anvi Bahl

They Beat the Girl Out of My Boy… Or So They Tried

Because He Liked to Look at It - Natalie Zapoteco, Sahar Hashemian

My Angry Vagina - Key’Toya Burrell

My Vagina Was My Village - Sofie Herbeck

Reclaiming Cunt - Marianne Zhetot Kwe Almero

I Was Twelve. My Mother Slapped Me - Anna Tseselsky, Kuhu Singh, Ella Griffith, Anjeli Mase

The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy - Min Kerr-Schifrin

Our Monologues 

Bad Brain - Beth Connors

Mujer de Mi Vida - Jazmin Y. Ceja Cedillo, Megan Xotchilt Espinoza Hernandez

The F-Word - Rachel Marcus

Sex, Lies, and Checkboxes - Cara Foss Arellano

Belonging - Melika Panbehchi

Fit and Fucking Fabulous - Kara Chuang, Abigail Kirk

Cultural Capital of Coolness - Rebecca Emma Santana

Our Bodies and Minds...Unapologetically - Angel Klyce, Brianna Bowers, Key'Toya Burrell


Carly Feldman

Tami Sharma

Kathleen Morton

Khushi Patel

Sarah Reeves

Siyi Wu

Sobia Kaur Chahal

Cast and Crew Bios 2018 

Abigail Kirk- Abigail is what you would called a full-on type A personality. But her loud and unrelenting attitude is (usually) used for good. She’s passionate about fitness, environmental justice, intersectionality and crushing the patriarchy. She has found refuge in this community and hopes that this show can bring solace to all of you in the audience.

Aiyana Vang- If seen on campus, Aiyana will most likely have her earbuds in, listening to the varying rap styles of scHoolboy q. As a political science major, Aiyana hopes to integrate politics with medicine in her pursuits of becoming an obstetrician/gynecologist. She loves answering questions about vaginas and hopes to continue doing so. Aiyana likes to hike, kayak, and visit the beach any chance she gets. She is grateful to have been a part of the Vagina Monologues/Our Monologues and to have worked with women who continue to inspire her every day.

Alyssa Liu- Alyssa Liu is a fourth-year Legal Studies and Political Economy major currently on the hunt for your Sperry's wearin', fish-carryin', missionary-in' trophy husband, also your local country club membership, your job, and she can be reached at 1-800-69HIREME. Alyssa is not like other girls and would like to remind her mother that it is, in fact, not a phase. She spends her time giving head and making headlines all in one go. Alyssa was last seen on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp scamming people with her fake username, "Ted Cruz" - if she lies about her name, can we trust her with our monologues?

Angel Klyce- Angel, the Capricorn Queen. Big heart. Big eyes. Unstoppable. Badass female who you can not fuck with. Bay Area born and raised. Cognitive Science Major. Loves to talk about her two dogs, traveling, creating shit, and spends most of her time saying and doing weird shit. Angel spends a lot of time singing, some even say she’s better than Beyonce, and she loves to hike and practice yoga.

Anjeli Rekha Mase- Anjeli is a spunky and unexpected dreamer with a special talent for recalling rap lyrics from the early 2000s. You can often find her traversing north-side or holed up in any café. When she grows up, Anjeli hopes to combine her interests in medicine and the brain with her passion for womxn’s rights and education. Anjeli is elated to be a part of a community of womxn lifting each other up; she thinks that this should happen more often!

Anna Tseselsky- When she's not ranting about politics, you can find Anna pretending to understand astrology or binging “That 70s Show” on Netflix. She is a freshman, undeclared, and isn't freaking about that (yet). She's passionate about all things women and is very grateful for the opportunity to have worked on such an important project with such an amazing community.

Anvi Bahl- Anvi is a junior studying gender and politics. She is extremely unenthusiastic about the consumerist trappings of capitalism but unfortunately quite excited about Starbucks. She hopes to work in global government in the future to resolve this ideological conflict and find ways to continue to enjoy her coffee. Find her at her prime at 4am, watching videos of old Bollywood songs and memorizing episodes of “The Office”. She is grateful for breakfast burritos, the Arctic Monkeys, and most of all for her VagMons/OurMons family.

Beth Connors- Beth is thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful community and excited to share her experiences with you all! She is a double major in Marine Science and Integrative Biology, and expects to graduate this May. She would like to thank her friends and family, and especially her parents, for their love and support.

Brianna Isabel Bowers- Brianna Isabel, is a SoCal Native and a Local to Berkeley and Oakland. She is a transfer student finishing her degree in Development Studies and City Planning this semester. A strong and independent womxn who is unapologetic about every ounce of her femininity, Latinidad, and BLACKNESS. 10 times out of 9, you can catch her running hills for fun, laughing and talking HELLA loud, cheesing from ear to ear, or jaw dropped... because that's her resting face. She loves to love and is always trying to find balance and justice in this world, you can say it's the Libra in her. Oh yes, and she would like for all of you to know, her PUSSY ain't pink!

Cara Foss Arellano- Admitted to UC Berkeley in virtue of the holistic review process, Cara's primary goal is to survive long enough to graduate. She is the proud mother of three compassionate boys, 10, 13, and 16. Her alternative path to CAL included a tour with Cirque du Soleil, stunt work for industrial films, spawning, and way too much Gilbert & Sullivan. Cara is grateful to the producers for granting her this opportunity and for their enormous effort and dedication to this project.

Carly Feldman- Carly is a freshman from Los Angeles majoring in history. At home, you can find her making pancakes and religiously listening to Fleetwood Mac. She is so happy to have spent her first months at Berkeley smashing the patriarchy and helping bring radical femme empowerment to the theatre community.

Ella Griffith- You can often find Ella on Sproul dressed as a fall vegetable, preaching the gospel of compost and zero waste. This zest for life also manifests in Ella’s love for learning, consent talks, and getting down on the dance floor. Majoring in Conservation & Resource Studies, she aspires to be an environmental lobbyist (citing role models such as Rachel Carson and the Lorax). Ella is grateful for the time spent growing with such a phenomenal community.

Jane Hood- When not creating vagina word-play on Hillary Clinton (you’ll see…), Jane can be found taking long, romantic walks with her dog and eating tangerines. Like you all sitting in the audience, Jane was initially worried about this show, but now she feels blessed to be a part of it. Please send prayers that she’ll decide on a major and/or find her clipper card soon!

Jazmin Y. Ceja Cedillo- Jaz is a first-generation student, a feminista in a world of machismo, a chingona, undocumented, and unafraid of the odds. She understands life to be impermanent and always moving, fluid, never stagnant; you will always find her on the move, always doing something, thinking something, changing, evolving. Her major inspiration and motivation is her familia, especially las mujeres in her life who have taught her the meaning of strength and resistance. Her piece in the production is dedicated to her abuelita Carmen, one of the strongest and most resilient women she has ever met.

Josie Lee- Josie is a second year from Madison, Connecticut. She comes out of the shadows and onto the stage around once every three years, and is thrilled to be making her Berkeley debut with The Vagina Monologues. Josie is particularly interested in all forms of biological and cultural reproductive rights, which she hopes to explore while studying public health. A notorious klutz, she is either found laughing to Pod Save America as she walks down the street, or tripping over herself as she hurries to class (she will try to keep it together for you tonight). Lastly, Josie is beyond honored that you have come to the show, and is incredibly grateful to have been a part of such a fiercely vulnerable, unapologetically authentic community.

Kara Chuang- When not onstage, you can find Kara scream-crying in Moffitt, shamelessly watching “Grey’s Anatomy” while biking at the RSF, embarrassing herself at some new location on campus, or being smashed over and over (and over) on the rugby pitch. An Integrative Biology major and Theatre minor, Kara obviously has no clue what she’s doing with her life and hopes to become the world’s first singing Sea World fish-feeder. She is hoping to top her magnum opus performance as “Fortune Cookie Worker #4” in her high schools’ rendition of “Flower Drum Song” with this one. She is so thankful to the Vagina Monologues' cast and crew for giving her an amazing community and the chance to flex in front of 2,000 cheering audience members.

Kathleen Morton- Kathleen loves two things, vaginas and dogs. As a mathematics major at Cal, if she is not busy proving a mystical theorem, she can be found eating vegetables, playing with other people's dogs, walking in nature, or drinking hot cocoa. She also loves listening to the sounds of bands such as “War on Women”, “The Distillers”, and “Cocorosie”.

Key'Toya Burrell- Key'Toya was born in L.A. but raised in the Coachella Valley, she is a desert rat who prioritizes sunshine over everything. Key’Toya survives off of cookies, trash TV, and hugs from her beautiful daughter Jalayah. As a transfer student, a sociology major, and a fierce black woman Key’Toya plans to take over the world battling injustice in the courtroom and beyond. If you encounter her on the street move out of the way; Key'Toya's got places to go and is probably running late.

Khushi Patel- Khushi is a majestic, enigmatic creature rarely encountered in the wild. While she may appear intimidating, Khushi is loved for her ability to entertain with poorly timed jokes, ill-written puns, references to obscure scenes from “The Office”, and otherworldly beauty. As an economics major (or environmental economics or political economy for Khushi is as curious as she is indecisive and noncommittal), she hopes to do research with Washington D.C.'s renowned think tank, Pew Research Center. She is grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful team.

Kuhu Singh- Kuhu is probably looking for tiramisu at exactly this moment because she’s convinced that it’s absolutely the best thing out there. Usually quite picky not only with food but also with people, Kuhu is absolutely thrilled that she got picked to be a part of The Vagina Monologues/Our Monologues community.

Marianne Zhetot Kwe Almero- ‘Marianne's great, no matter where she goes. Dress her up from her head down to her toes. On the town, at the mall, Marianne loves high fashion. After dark at the club, she'll spend the whole night dancing. Shine bright, shine far, don't be shy! Be a star! Where you live, where you are, be a star!’

Megan Xotchilt Espinoza Hernandez- On any beautiful day, you can find Xotchilt in front of the stove at 6am heating a hot pot of water for rose petal tea. As an ethnic studies major, and a spiritual student, Megan Xotchilt yearns to understand the multifaceted dimensions of mental wellness. Though she strongly dislikes cliches, she people-watches on Sproul, writes poetry in 10 different journals, and takes a jog when the world's asleep. At the end of any beautiful day, she falls asleep on the bus to ‘Nothing (Interlude)’ by Jill Scott & awakens to ‘Other Side of the Game’ by Erykah Badu, only to walk home to ‘Bodak Yellow’ by Cardi B. Feel me?

Melika Panbehchi- Melika is a 4th year transfer student studying the love of her life, sociology. And she is on her way to become a Civil Rights Lawyer. Born and raised in the citiest of cities, Tehran, she left her heart there when she moved to the Bay at 13. Nowadays she spends a lot of her time thinking about home, displacement, immigration and masculinity. On a random day, you can find her crying to Blonde to cure her nostalgia and watching Kanye West interviews to get inspired. She is the world’s #1 advocate of replacing the use of the word “vagina” with “vulva,” and is down to talk some sexual health and cliteracy at any moment in time!

Min Kerr-Schifrin- Min has an outrageously sexy personality. She loves to dance wildly to "Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks and crack puns until the crack of dawn. She prefers men, not boys. Min plans to be a stand-up comedian, be on SNL, and run The Tonight Show- but she’s getting a degree at Berkeley as a backup. She also enjoys hugs, jazz, and a phở-king good time.

Natalie Zapoteco- Natalie can be hard to track down at times, but you can be sure to find her doing something she loves like getting boba with friends, volunteering, and the occasional studying while listening (and internally crying) to Sam Smith on endless repeat. She is excited about being in this show and hopes it impacts you as much as it has impacted her.

Rachel Marcus- Rachel is a senior who, after three years of seeing the Vag Mons productions, finally decided to take to the stage herself AND write an original monologue. A psychology major, Rachel is excited to pursue a career in helping people feel more comfortable in their rockin’ bods and getting rid of the stigma around sex and sexual health. In her free time, you can find Rachel binging Netflix or eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ‘The Tonight Dough’. Rachel is super excited and honored to be a part of this stellar community.

Ravneet Kaur- Often seen wearing oversized hoodies with headphones plugged in, Ravneet dresses like an art major, stresses like an MCB one, likes to lounge like a theorist, and live like a socialite. Though science has encapsulated her life, her interests venture out to artistic expressions such as music production, sketching, and design. Ravneet finds ways to express herself via the profound, and perhaps cliche, phrase: art is life. Beyond finding mediums that help express her idea of what a renaissance being is, she likes to educate herself and others by bringing forth views that strengthen the ideals of knowledge being power, strength through resilience, and equality.

Rebecca Emma Santana- Rebecca "Reba" Santana is a Queer Chicanx vegan who indulges in the occasional buffalo chicken breast. Los Angeles is where Rebecca feels most at home; cruising down sunset boulevard on her way to Goodwill, skateboarding in her favorite camo pants. Sociology is Rebecca's preferred sport, as she comes to understand her historical exclusion at a local problematic coffee shop. Rebecca dreams of having a holographic of Rebecca at Coachella 2020.

Sahar Hashemian- If encountered on the street, Sahar would probably be listening to Tame Impala or Kehlani. As an Interdisciplinary Studies Major, Sahar is specifically interested in the intertwinement of language, identity, and society. Being a member of this community filled with powerful, self-identifying women has only strengthened her passion for advocacy and feminism. She is honored and very grateful to be a part of the production.

Sarah Reeves- Right now, Sarah is probably on the toilet thinking about empowering womxn or enjoying some gluten-free delicacies. Or both. Sarah is a Brooklyn native new to Berkeley, exploring her passions for social justice and her love for vaginas. Sarah is so grateful to have worked with such wonderful people in creating this beautiful show.

Siyi Wu- Siyi loves her dad’s dumplings, her bed, good-looking Asian guys in TV shows, and all of you <3

Sobia Kaur Chahal- You can find Sobia doodling and painting when she should be doing problem sets, eating ice cream out of the carton or hiking and enjoying the California sun. If you are not greeted with a "Hello! How are you!?" and a warm smile when you see her across the hallway, it’s probably because she forgot her glasses at home and doesn't recognize you. A characteristically undeceive libra, Sobia is studying some variation of applied mathematics, statistics and economics (and is currently reading Marx). She hopes to make positive social impact through her work and is delighted to experience the authenticity of the community that is V-Day.

Sofie Herbeck- Sofie is a freshman hoping to double major in Theater and Computer Science, since those are two things that really go together quite well and do not clash at all. She can frequently be found in her dorm room, procrastinating by reorganizing and adding to her meme folder. Sofie's idea of a ~fun time~ is visiting a new library and leaving with one more book than she can comfortably carry. She is thankful to have been a part of this incredible Cunt Community <3

Tami Sharma- Most of Tami's time is spent listening to music and curating playlists for extremely nuanced moods (twenty and counting) if not saving songs for curation later on. As an Environmental Economics & Policy major she hopes to show the intersection of water management, food quality, socioeconomic mobility, racism, and mental health. If she isn't passionately discussing environmental justice then she'll talk your ear off with music recommendations, talented tattoo artists, and the importance of sexual liberation. She seeks expression through photography and often by writing long instagram post bios of personal reflection. Working with the V-Day community has given Tami a chance to connect with amazing people equally passionate about liberation and healing through expression.

About V-Day and V-Day at UCB

Every fall, we assemble a cast and crew to form a community for strong, motivated students who have, do, or will identify as a womxn. This community becomes a space for empowerment, education, and activism.

Through alliances with other student groups and the support of UC Berkeley's Gender Equity Resource Center, we strive to make this a learning experience, not only for those part of the production, but for all of those on campus.

Every spring, as part of the culmination of our community and movement building, we bring our awareness and strength to the public through benefit performances of The Vagina Monologues. These shows raise money and awareness to stop violence against womxn.

V-Day at UC Berkeley is the largest production of The Vagina Monologues in the United States.

V-Day at UC Berkeley Mission Statement

V-Day is an organized response against violence toward all womxn, trans people, and non binary folks.

V-Day is a vision: We see a world where all womxn, trans* people, and non binary folks live safely and freely.

V-Day is a demand: Rape, incest, battery, genital mutilation and sexual slavery must end now.

V-Day is a spirit: We believe all womxn, trans people, and non binary folks should spend their lives creating and thriving rather than surviving or recovering from terrible atrocities.

V-Day is a catalyst: By raising money and consciousness, it will unify and strengthen existing anti-violence efforts. Triggering far-reaching awareness, it will lay the groundwork for new educational, protective, and legislative endeavors throughout the world.

V-Day is a process: We will work as long as it takes. We will not stop until the violence stops.

V-Day is a day. We proclaim Valentine’s Day as the date to celebrate womxn and the end of violence.

V-Day is a fierce, wild, unstoppable movement and community.

Campus Resources


PATH to Care Center (Prevention|Advocacy|Training|Healing) CONFIDENTIAL

510-642-1988 | care.berkeley.edu

CARE LINE: 24/7 urgent support, 510-643-2005

Social Services at University Health Services CONFIDENTIAL

510-642-6074 | uhs.berkeley.edu/socialservices

Confidential counseling and consultation

Gender Equity Resource Center

510-643-5727 | geneq.berkeley.edu | 202 Chavez | Entry point to access resources