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Call for Applications for At Large Representatives - Big C Student-Initiated Projects Fund Advisory Committee

The application for the Big C Fee Advisory Committee is now open for four positions, including two members served by the Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq) and/or Multicultural Student Development (MSD) spaces, which includes African American Student Development, Asian Pacific American Student Development, Chicanx Latinx Student Development, Multicultural Community Center, and Native American Student Development.

The Advisory Committee is looking for students who are interested in helping in the general oversight of the fee, as well as review, selection, and allocation of student-initiated funds that are a component of the Big C Student Fee Referendum. Student-initiated project proposals will open in the spring semester, and award funds to projects that seek to enhance the Berkeley community and make the campus a more inclusive place for everyone.

Approximately 14% of the fee per semester is allocated for the Big C student-initiated funds.

Big C Student Fee Advisory Board comprised of (including the four open positions in blue):

● Two staff representatives from Multicultural Student Development or the Gender Equity Resource Center: 

  • Rotating MSD Staff [AB Co-chair] - Phenocia Bauerle (2017-2020)

  • Rotating MSD Staff  [AB Co-chair] - Eunice Kwon (2019-2021)

● One elected ASUC representative:  Appointed by ASUC President

● One elected Graduate Assembly representative: Appointed by GA President

● One representative from the Committee on Student Fees: Appointed by CSF

● Two student representatives served by the Multicultural Student Development and/or Gender Equity Resource Center spaces: Application Process [OPEN]

●Two at large student representatives: Application Process [OPEN]

  ○ One graduate/professional school student

  ○ One undergraduate student

Total Members: 9

Please share this with your networks, and encourage folks to apply.

Please note, students must be available to attend an initial meeting on Friday, November 1, 2019 from 3pm - 5pm.

The deadline is October 8, 2019 at 11:59pm. We will notify students of selections by October 15, 2019.

Applications can be accessed here.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to either Eunice Kwon ( or Phenocia Baurele ( 

Student Initiated Projects

What is the Big C?

Passed by student referendum in April 2017, The Big-C (Big Community) Fee Referendum expanded staffing (student and permanent), programs, and services, including funding for student initiated projects, offered through the Centers for Educational Justice & Community Engagement (EJCE) that serve the Berkeley community. EJCE serves all students by fostering communities, providing support and educational services to the campus as a whole. EJCE is African American Student Development (AASD) | Asian Pacific American Student Development (APASD) | Chicanx Latinx Student Development (CLSD) | Multicultural Community Center (MCC) | Native American Student Development (NASD) | Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq).

What is the Student Initiated Projects Fund?

EJCE recognizes that there is a greater need for programs and projects for communities than can currently be provided. Allocating approximately 9% of the Big C fee allows for student-initiated diversity, multicultural and equity projects and programs for graduate and undergraduate students and communities. This will support students' ability to create and lead programs that are relevant to their current interests and direct needs.

The Big C Student Initiated Projects Fund is intended to create a more inclusive campus community providing funding for student-centered and student-initiated direct service projects that focus on needs of underrepresented and historically marginalized populations including educational projects & programs impacting the broader community and the climate of the Berkeley campus.          

Projects should address/contain at least one of the following:

  • Impact on the broader campus community
  • Impact the current campus climate, serve an under-served or historically marginalized population on campus
  • Address current gaps in service for students
  • Work towards retention of current students
  • Serve undergraduate and graduate students (projects serving both graduate and undergraduate students are given stronger consideration).                                                                                    

Projects should align with the purpose of the Big C Student Fee referendum and the purpose of Student Initiated Projects.



  1. Proposals for projects and initiatives may only be submitted by undergraduate or graduate students who will be registered at the time of funding disbursement to the project. These student-initiated projects may be submitted on behalf of any of the following: a UCB Registered Student Organization (RSO) through the  LEAD Center or a campus department; a group of students not affiliated with a particular organization or an individual student.


  1. Only registered student organizations (RSO)  with the LEAD Center, ASUC, Graduate Assembly  or are supported by campus department (e.g. Physics, EOP, Ethnic Studies, Biology Scholars Program, etc)  may apply for recurring funds of up to 3 years. Individual or groups of students not affiliated may only apply for one time funding


  1. Individual or groups of students that are not affiliated with campus entity such as a RSO, ASUC, Graduate Assembly, campus department etc must find a campus administrative sponsor who is willing to assist with the management of funding such as purchases, reimbursements, facilities reservations etc.


  1. Individual or groups of students who apply for funding of $1000 or less must seek administrative sponsorship through a Big C affiliated office (AASD, APASD, CLSD, GenEq, MCC or NASD) prior to submission of the proposal.
  1. Proposals may not be submitted on behalf of a campus department, administrative or academic, with a primary goal of enhancing or supplementing their budget.


  1. Recurring: Proposal may be submitted requesting funding for up to 3 years. Only registered student groups are eligible to apply for recurring funds.
  1. One-time: Proposals may be submitted requesting funding for a single event, project within one year. Funding expenditures must be initiated within 6 months of disbursement and the project and all business processes (reimbursements, etc) completed within 18 months of disbursement.


All Berkeley undergraduates and graduates pay The Big C fee of $29.75 per semester during the 2019-2020 academic year. By policy, Big C  revenues are designated to cover services and programs that directly benefit students and are complementary to, but not a part of, the core instructional program.

These services and programs include, but are not limited to:

  • operating and capital expenses for services related to the physical and psychological health and well-being of students;
  • social, recreational, and cultural activities and programs;
  • services related to campus life and campus community;
  • technology expenses directly related to the services; and
  • career support


Phenocia Bauerle

Eunice Kwon