Indigenous and Native Coalition- Recruitment and Retention Center

Indigenous and Native Coalition-Recruitment and Retention Center (INC-RRC)

Indigenous and Native Coalition (INC) Recruitment and Retention Center, formerly known as Native American Recruitment and Retention Center (NARRC), is a student-initiated organization consisting of university faculty, staff, and undergraduate students who recognize the significance of keeping higher education accessible and attainable for Native Americans, Indigenous people, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders.  INC-RRC concentrates its recruitment efforts on diverse Native and Indigenous communities, encouraging Native Americans, Indigenous, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders of all ages to apply and attend various forms of post-secondary education.  We promote community involvement beyond campus borders by hosting collaborative events with organizations such as the Native American Health Center, Intertribal Friendship House, and the American Indian Child Resource Center. Find out more information on the Indigenous and Native Coalition Recruitment and Retention Center here.

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Executive Counsel:  Samantha Tamale, Adina Lewis, and Louwana Montelongo

K-12 Outreach Coordinator: Ursula Lopez 

Coordinator: Roman Loera

Weekly meetings on Thursday's at 6pm in Cesar Chavez 242