American Indian Graduate Program

As part of UC Berkeley's mission to foster academic excellence through diversity, the American Indian Graduate Program (AIGP) seeks, through outreach, individual recruitment, and student services, to counteract the barriers that prevent the full participation of American Indian and Alaska Native students in graduate education.

The AIGP Advisory Committee of the American Indian Graduate Program is composed of faculty, staff, students, alumni and tribal community representatives committed to advancing American Indian/Alaska Native graduate education. The committee advises and supports AIGP's efforts to recruit, retain and advance American Indian Graduate students at UC Berkeley, and enhance university educational climate to achieve these ends. The committee fulfills these functions by supporting:

  • Faculty, student, staff, alumni and tribal commitment to AIGP goals.
  • University and complementary programs that enhance the academic and professional success of American Indian graduate students.
  • Respectful integration of American Indian knowledge, cultures and issues in the mainstream of campus life.


Outreach and Recruitment

AIGP seeks to overcome barriers that prevent American Indians and Alaska Natives from applying to graduate programs at UC Berkeley by identifying, contacting, and encouraging interested individuals regarding Berkeley’s programs and the process of admission.

Advice and Advocacy

AIGP assists the UC Berkeley Graduate Division and individual departments and schools in identifying and addressing barriers that prevent American Indians and Alaska Natives from full participation in Berkeley’s graduate programs.


AIGP provides and promotes services to identify and eliminate barriers that may prevent American Indian and Alaska Native students from the full opportunity for academic success at Berkeley.


AIGP promotes the inclusion of Native American history, culture, and perspectives in Berkeley programs and curriculum.


American Indian Graduate STUDENT Association Co-Chairs

Hector "Tito" Callejas, Fantasia Painter, and Sarah Whitt.

AIGP Advisory Committee Members

ESPM Professor Jeff Romm (Chair), NAS Professor Beth Piatote, ESPM Professor Lynn Huntsinger, Assistant Dean Abby Rincon, Native Student Development Director Phenocia Bauerle, doctoral students, Hector "Tito" Callejas (Ethnic Studies, Fantasia Painter (Ethnic Studies), Sarah Whitt (Ethnic Studies), Katie Kelliaa (Ethnic Studies), AlGP Alumni Bonnie Lockhart (Social Welfare), American Indian Science & Engineering Society President Carlos Torres Lua, Native American Undergraduate Outreach/Admissions Director Elizabeth Guerra.

Contact us

Mailing Address

327 Sproul Hall # 5900
Berkeley, CA 94720-5900

Office Location

598/597 Barrows Hall
University of California, Berkeley
Phone(510) 642-3228

Patrick Naranjo   
Program Director