Asian Pacific American Student Development (APASD) serves the changing needs of Asian Pacific American (APA) students on the UC Berkeley campus. The APASD office provides programs and supports activities that further the educational goals of APA students and enhances their opportunities for academic success.


APASD strives to support APA students based on the following ideas:

  • serving as a campus resource on APA issues and events
  • providing student development opportunities through collaborations with faculty, staff, students, and student groups
  • promoting multicultural awareness through student interaction and community involvement
  • promoting empowerment and self-esteem through community building on and off campus
  • promoting retention and addressing underrepresentation
  • sponsoring a diverse set of events, projects, programs, and activities.


Each year, APASD identifies key issues and themes around which programs are developed in collaboration with both students and student groups. Under the sponsorship of APASD, students have the opportunity to plan and implement programs such as the annual Issues Conference and the Leadership Reception.

Leadership Development

APASD internships and program collaborations allow students to enhance their leadership skills through “hands-on” experience working with policy issues, program development, and assessment.


APASD offers a listing of job and internship opportunities as well as information on current public policy issues affecting the APA community. APASD also provides advising to the Asian Pacific American Theme House Program (APATH) and support to the Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC). Information about program development and resources are also available.

Cultural Awareness

APASD assists in planning and implementing cultural programs and events that encourage participation in campus organizations that reflect the cultural diversity of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Community Service

Through networking and programming between community-based organizations (CBOs) and APASD, students have opportunities to intern with Asian Pacific American non-profit groups and CBOs in the Bay Area. 

Multicultural Immigrant Student Program

Promotes campus support services and programs for early and recent immigrant and refugee students. This includes an academic course entitled, “Introduction to University Life: An Immigrant Student Perspective” and links to community services.

Unity In Diversity

Asian Pacific American communities are large and diverse in cultures and peoples. For this reason APASD works toward “Unity in Diversity”: supporting one another, encouraging active participation in issues affecting our communities, and increasing awareness of Asian Pacific Americans on the Berkeley campus and beyond. 

Achieving Our Goals Through Collaboration!

Asian Pacific American Student Development works in collaboration with various units and departments at UC Berkeley to carry out activities and programs throughout the academic year.

  • Academic Achievement Program
  • African American Student Development (AASD)
  • Chicana/o/ Latina/o Student Development (CLSD)
  • Cross Cultural Student Development (CCSD)
  • Native American Advisory Council (NAAC)
  • Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq)
  • Asian Pacific American Theme House Program (APATH)
  • Campus Life and Leadership (CLL) formerly the Office of Student Life
  • Asian American Studies Program
  • Asian Pacific American System Wide Alliance (APASA)
  • Immigrant Student Issues Coalition (ISIC)
  • Multicultural Immigrant Student Program (MISP)
  • Transfer, Re-Entry, & Student Parent Program (TRSP)
  • Student Life Advising Services/Educational Opportunity Program  (SLAS/EOP)
  • Student Learning Center (SLC)